Day: June 30, 2020

Home decor Write for us

As our website is related to home decoration, therefore, anyone who has written an article on the similar niche is welcome.

Even if you are a new writer either having less experienced or new to the niche, then also you are allowed to contribute your work through our website as long as you follow our guidelines.

One thing that has to be considered while writing for us is that we don’t accept writing from our competitors.

Why should you write for us?

We are one of the biggest brands and the most searched name on the internet in terms of home décor, furniture, home improvement product & you can write for us.

Our only aim is to create a seo friendly article that can help us to reach a large number of organic visitor to our website from all across the world.

Article Content

To post the content, we usually need to make sure that it is unique and of our own creation.

We will not accept plagiarized content or content that you have not written. Always check spelling and grammar before submitting your article.

We only publish content that has engagement and clarity to the subject. We did not accept any content with low quality.

All you have to provide an article / blog of not more than 1500 words with following restrictions


  • The article should be informative, useful and should be related to the topic
  • The length of the article should be 500 words
  • you should use proper spelling, grammar and focus on its details
  • It should contain no more than three promotional backlinks to other websites
  • And send it to us as a guest post.


We want our readers to know that who stands behind the content which they read on our website.


Anime Freak Alternatives

You must have listened the name anime freak or maybe you have visited this website a lot of times but now if you are looking for something new to explore,  you are on the right page.

Due to any legal issue your entertainment should not get disturb that is why we have listed some alternative to anime freak.

  • NarutoGet

This website provides the original content search is Naruto shippuden dubbed in English.  Provide popular anime shows, movies and Manga content as well all around the globe for free.

  • Manga-Anime-Here  

This site has a wide range of Manga content, anime series, movies and a lot worth watching content. There will be a advantage for you with this website that it keeps updating its content frequently so that you won’t miss the latest and popular content. There is also a plus point with this website that a bar on this site shows you latest news that what is happening out of your virtual world, enjoyment + knowledge.

  • Chia-Anime

If you love to stay updated then this website will match your expectations is it keeps updating regularly to provide the latest and fresh content to its user, you can also find classical movies and shows as well.

  • 9Anime

This website is popular among anime freak because it provide the latest content in HD quality.  This website has divided is content into categories such as language, year, season, etc. For the convenience of its viewers.  The major advantage you will have with this website that it is not an advertisement based website.


Internet is bombarded with such alternative websites of anime freak but you can’t trust any website blindly don’t worry we are here to help you the website we have suggested are trusted and also popular among anime freaks.…