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Home decor Write for us

As our website is related to home decoration, therefore, anyone who has written an article on the similar niche is welcome.

Even if you are a new writer either having less experienced or new to the niche, then also you are allowed to contribute your work through our website as long as you follow our guidelines.

One thing that has to be considered while writing for us is that we don’t accept writing from our competitors.

Why should you write for us?

We are one of the biggest brands and the most searched name on the internet in terms of home décor, furniture, home improvement product & you can write for us.

Our only aim is to create a seo friendly article that can help us to reach a large number of organic visitor to our website from all across the world.

Article Content

To post the content, we usually need to make sure that it is unique and of our own creation.

We will not accept plagiarized content or content that you have not written. Always check spelling and grammar before submitting your article.

We only publish content that has engagement and clarity to the subject. We did not accept any content with low quality.

All you have to provide an article / blog of not more than 1500 words with following restrictions


  • The article should be informative, useful and should be related to the topic
  • The length of the article should be 500 words
  • you should use proper spelling, grammar and focus on its details
  • It should contain no more than three promotional backlinks to other websites
  • And send it to us as a guest post.


We want our readers to know that who stands behind the content which they read on our website.


Anime Freak Alternatives

You must have listened the name anime freak or maybe you have visited this website a lot of times but now if you are looking for something new to explore,  you are on the right page.

Due to any legal issue your entertainment should not get disturb that is why we have listed some alternative to anime freak.

  • NarutoGet

This website provides the original content search is Naruto shippuden dubbed in English.  Provide popular anime shows, movies and Manga content as well all around the globe for free.

  • Manga-Anime-Here  

This site has a wide range of Manga content, anime series, movies and a lot worth watching content. There will be a advantage for you with this website that it keeps updating its content frequently so that you won’t miss the latest and popular content. There is also a plus point with this website that a bar on this site shows you latest news that what is happening out of your virtual world, enjoyment + knowledge.

  • Chia-Anime

If you love to stay updated then this website will match your expectations is it keeps updating regularly to provide the latest and fresh content to its user, you can also find classical movies and shows as well.

  • 9Anime

This website is popular among anime freak because it provide the latest content in HD quality.  This website has divided is content into categories such as language, year, season, etc. For the convenience of its viewers.  The major advantage you will have with this website that it is not an advertisement based website.


Internet is bombarded with such alternative websites of anime freak but you can’t trust any website blindly don’t worry we are here to help you the website we have suggested are trusted and also popular among anime freaks.…

What is Anime Freak?

Anime freak are the person who are crazy about anime. Its origin was Japan, initially it was popular in western countries but now almost in the every corner of the world you can find such anime freaks.

well still if you are wondering that what is anime let us know you that the Japanese cartoon are known as anime, their resolution and story is very much good rather than other cartoons.

The people who are anime freak they know that where they can get their content but if you are beginner you may find some difficulties to find your favorite anime.

Here are some websites and apps where you can stream your content easily with safety.

  • Hulu

Here you can find wide range of anime, even you can find the classical anime shows which are not even available on Netflix. The great advantage with this app that its monthly charge is lower than any other streaming app and it also provide a 30 days free trial.

  • Viewster

It’s also a great site to stream online content you can stream here for free, but you need to know that it is an advertisement based website which can be a bit irritating for a few of the viewers, if you don’t get irritated by advertisements easily then you can stream your favorite anime on this website.

  • Anime Planet

This site provide the content for free, you can get here more than 40000 legal anime there is a great advantage with this website that here you can find the latest anime series such as Manga, and other anime videos. It is a trusted website among anime lovers you must give a try to it.


Anime love is great but that doesn’t mean you start to stream it from anywhere, you should always use trusted and safe website and apps to protect your device form any sort of virtual harm.…

Home improvements Write for us

If you are a creative writer and have keen interest in writing on the home improvement niche and also looking for some opportunity to increase the organic traffic to your website. Then you have landed on right platform. We invites people who think they can write for us.

Although we donot pay anything for the ghost writing or guest post but we will make sure that after posting your content on our website, there will be a large increase in the organic traffic to your webpage also.

Points to remember

One need to follow our guidelines strictly, or else we may reject your article. An article written should be original with full clarity and values.  We need articles that are closely related to the topics and also engage our readers. They should be loaded with some creativity as well.

  • It would be highly appreciated if the article has relevant photos and links.
  • One should keep in mind that they cannot endorse any kind of product directly or indirectly in the article.
  • The author is allowed to include one backlink in the bio section of the article and these must be placed at the end.
  • All the articles submitted to us will be checked for plagiarism and grammar through online tools and if they do not lies within our acceptance criteria then we may reject your work.

How to submit

You can submit the articles while creating a profile on our website as the minimum word limit is 700 words for an article. Visit Home Improvement write for us page.

Do you want to write to us?

You can share your content as a rough idea or proper sample to us with the proper detailing to the paragraph. Now these contents would be published and feedback would be given for the further assistance. But the article should not be published elsewhere.…

How to use Homewyse

Homewyse list are the fastest and most accurate way to do the estimation work. These lists include basic quantities like the material cost, labour charges or any other types of service cost.

In homewyse, there are various types of pre-defined templates that you can used according to your job profile, one of the best features of this software is that you can easily customized the templates according to your requirements not only the templates but you can even edit the cost parameter as per your preferences.

This software also allows you to even save the list in the middle and ensure it for custom editing later. This feature allow you to save the list and use it again to the same types of jobs.

Thus this will increase your customer base. The homewyse list are very simple to use thus it can be used by anyone working within the company and have a basic knowledge of the estimation.

To do a particular estimate all you have to do is that to follow the steps:


  1. Make a account with homewyse by visiting their website.
  2. Choose from the various pre-defined templates that suits your business
  3. Edit some basic information like cost of the labour.
  4. Enter the basic parameter in the templates
  5. The list will be modified accordingly.

Some key features

  • Customizable templates
  • Custom rates according to your area
  • Ready to share report through pdf download so that no changes can be made
  • Compatible with windows and IOS

The cost estimation is also very important as it is directly related to the overall budget of the project and overall ROI (return on investment) is calculated, it helps us in determining the risk involved in the project and us on option to discuss the alternatives.

It helps us to calculate the estimated benefits that can be drawn from the project over the cost spend.


Homewyse is aimed at architects, builders, engineers and other construction companies by making their job more easy and accurately.…

Best Alternative for Anime Freak

Best Alternative for Anime Freak

Do you also love to relax and watch anime if your answer is yes then you must be familiar with the Anime freak website but if somehow you are not able to access this site don’t worry we are here to help you we have listed some best alternative to anime freak, from which you can stream your desired or favorite anime show /movie for free.

  • Anilinkz is there really very good alternative to anime freak this website has a wide range of anime content you can stream here unlimited anime shows, movies or whatever you want to.  Its user interface is really very attractive and easy to use it has divided its content in categories for the convenience of its users you can easily go and search the content you are looking for.

  • Animenova is a highly active website is it update its content on daily basis. You will get to see a huge database of animals top content such as drama adventure, comedy, action, horror, thriller and a lot. Its user interface is very easy to use you can easily search your content here because it has also divided it contents into categories. If you have long language problem don’t worry this website also provide the content dubbed in your regional language more often in English, it allows you to stream your content online in both high and low quality depends up to you.

  • WatchAnimeMovie

This website is new in market and still it is leading the market in a way it has a huge database of Anime collection it provide not only new anime series but also the classic one you will get to see e approximately every genre of Anime such as comedy, action thriller etc.


You don’t need to compromise with your entertainment if you are unable to access anime freak you can still continue your anime series or shows with the help of these listed websites.…

Tiny House: A Revolutionary Change

Tiny houses are becoming more and more desirable. Not only are these houses more financially manageable for many, but the appeal they offer goes beyond just finances. Many Americans are looking for a simpler life. Many of us are realizing that life is not all about our possessions there’s more to it than the material objects you can call your own. We are, possibly, on the track to becoming minimalists.

Because the idea of very small homes is so new, many municipalities across the United States are unsure of how to handle them. Local zoning laws, taxes, and land use codes are all factors that each municipality must come to terms on when dealing with small homes. The main issue that many towns and cities have found is that because many mini homes are built on a trailer chassis they can be governed as recreational vehicles as opposed to a permanent structure.

How To Use A Tiny Home

While some tiny homeowners utilize them for their primary residence others offer the use of one for rent or as an extra guest house for caregivers or house guests. Alternatively, some little homeowners place it on a vacant lot that they plan to build on someday and use it as a vacation retreat.

Size vs. Cost Of Home

With the size of the American home trending upwards, a tiny home bucks the traditional mold of the American dream. The small house movement has become a love affair with many Americans.

While the idea of a tiny home has a lot of glitz and glamour about it, it can also be overwhelming. Many tiny homeowners will attest to spending countless hours researching, designing, and constructing their ‘perfect’ tiny home. Some people choose to build their own tiny home while others enlist the help of a professional to bring their vision to life. Despite the tiny size, there are still many decisions to make. From choosing a pre-made plan or building it custom, to building it on wheels or making it stationary.


The House Integral has a lot to offer and is a perfect place for hanging out on the internet with family as it discusses the concerning issue of provides great information on home decorating measures.…

How to remove unwanted ads in Stream2watch

Stream2watch is the website that allows you to access free of entertainment and is mostly loved by that sports lovers. But one of the major drawback associated with this website is that it shows plenty of ads, popups, surveys and so on. Which not only provides independence in your entertainment but also increases the risk of installation od adware type of ads, browser hijackers or other PUAs.

What are adware

Adware are the software that provide ads to the users. The ads one of various types. If the user clicks these ads then they are exposed to some untrustworthy websites which automatically start installing other PUAs. These apps may collect your IP address browsing history or other important data and provide it to the developer. The developer may sell this data to the third party or even cyber criminate.

How to avoid installation of potentially unwanted Applications

It is not at all recommend to download any kind of the software from the unofficial links or trustworthy websites. One most check all customs, advance setting of his/her browser before visiting such site to avoid any unwanted installation. One must also not click to any links or ads that open on the clubious pages as there may leads to adult dating, pornography or gambling types of sites. It is highly recommended that one should install all kind of plugins before browsing this website. It is also recommended to scan your PC with malware bytes which will automatically eliminates them.


As Stream2watch offers free entertainment, in HD. Therefore, it is a gaining popularity among the several users. But a user must be careful enough before browsing this website. We recommend to use a VPN which will help you to protect your data from being hacked.